What Our Clients Are Saying

Dennis M.

With Lindsay’s help I have been able to improve my sleep pattern (increasing from 3 hours a night to 6-8 hours) and energy levels and have changed my eating habits permanently. Lindsay is highly motivated to help your reach your goals. I loved the one-on-one sessions with her and all of the nutrition education that I received.

Chris and Denise W.

We have been training with Steve, from Lakeside Training Studio for several years now. What a difference a personal trainer makes! My wife and I started training to lose weight and feel better, but the results have been far more dramatic than we expected. Our overall health has improved dramatically and stress levels have dropped. We sleep better now and, with Steve’s guidance, eat healthier too. Along with the weight loss, our fitness levels have improved and we enjoy a much more active lifestyle without the aches and pains of growing older. Working with a trainer keeps you motivated, encourages you to do more and, most important, helps you to exercise safely, without injury. A trainer also helps target those areas that we feel are weak and need strengthening, or those we don’t like and need improvement. We enjoy our sessions with Steve, and highly recommend Lakeside Training Studio! Lakeside is a fantastic and fun facility and the staff are amazing.

Jenson C.

Not only has training made me look and feel stronger but I’ve also started eating healthier since joining Lakeside. I love the positive motivation that I get from my trainer. Lakeside is a fantastic gym with fantastic people!

Cindy J.

I have nothing but good things to say about Lakeside Personal Training Studio. I became a member just a few short weeks ago and am thrilled about how things are going so far. The studio itself is fantastic, with modern equipment and a bright airy space. The change rooms are spacious and clean with towel service. What is most impressive are the trainers. I am a couch potato but at Lakeside I receive the treatment that makes me want to exercise. My trainer has recommended eating practices and developed programs to target what I am trying to achieve. I am 46 year old woman and have been intimidated in other gyms. Not so here. I feel the people here are genuinely care about my fitness needs. I can’t say enough about the place.

The Thompson Family

My wife and I began working with Steve two and a half years ago. Steve has personally affected our physical and mental state of mind. He has helped us increase our strength, flexibility, and awareness of nutrition. Our children 12 & 15 have also been coming to our personal training sessions. Steve has helped them understand how strength training can help them further their sports accomplishments (swimming, hockey, dance & football), and the importance to dig deep to achieve results. Much to our surprise we all began looking forward to our Saturday, family sessions, we laugh together, we support each other during difficult rep’s, we complain about our sore muscles the next day, and then curse Steve. It is a time during the week that we work together to improve our fitness while having fun as a family, something that you cannot put a price on. Thanks Steve for all of your support over the years.

Shannon M.

Fantastic! The studio is bright, clean, and well equipped. My trainer is super encouraging and knowledgeable. My workouts are very dynamic and tailored to me. I’m loving it and feeling great! Would highly recommend it.

Melissa W.

Lakeside is a fantastic gym, loaded with new equipment and excellent personal trainers and nutritionists who will help you with personal fitness and health needs. The fitness classes are great, with lots of different options to help you get in shape!

Julie B

My family and I have a great relationship with Paul our trainer at Lakeside. Paul provides a fitness program that is specific to each of us. He has been absolutely amazing with me especially, because I am currently recovering from some health issues. Paul adjusts my fitness program to help promote improved stability, as well as, improving my strength and endurance. He is keenly aware of assessing how much of each activity I can do, never overdoing it, but enabling me to progress safely and with results. Lakeside not only provides trainers who are well qualified, but it also provides a quiet setting in which to improve your fitness. It provides an environment that promotes fitness without all the hectic surroundings found in larger gyms, which I was a former member of. Paul and Lakeside have helped our family with our fitness goals, with the utmost care, consideration and knowledge. We are so fortunate to be members!

Tyler L.

So many things have changed since joining Lakeside. I have more energy, have lost weight and gained muscle, make healthier food choices, stopped drinking alcohol and have a higher confidence level. The workouts are fun, motivating and challenging while not being intimating. I would absolutely recommend Lakeside because it will change your life if you let it.

Laura H.

I have been working with my trainer Paul for 2 years and have been a client at Lakeside Personal Training Studio since they opened. The equipment is great and the gym is always spotless. Far more important for me though is the uncrowded, friendly atmosphere and the one on one focussed training. Every workout is different and tailored specifically to me and my needs. I have been so impressed by the caliber of the trainers and Lakeside’s approach to fitness that I don’t hesitate to refer friends and family – especially those that haven’t had success in, or are intimidated by, traditional gym environments. Oh yeah, and the results don’t hurt either! I started with Paul as a confirmed couch potato who hated gyms and have since lost over 25 stubborn pounds and all the inches that went with them! I feel great, and no longer stress over bathing suit shopping! Thank you Paul and Lakeside!!

Joan W.

Steve is tough but also makes training fun. Since working with him I’ve noticed improvements in my stamina and flexibility.

Denise F.

Since joining Lakeside Personal Training Studio my body has become more toned and I have noticed great improvements in my stamina and strength. I love the variety of the workouts that I do with Steve. Every week is something different!

Laura K.

I am the kind of person that hates getting my butt up in the morning but when I arrive at the gym and my trainer is up beat and outgoing in the morning it makes it ALOT more fun then before you know it the hour is up and you feel great..i like how all the workouts are different and grow with you …the gym is always so clean and has everything you could want! everyone is super friendly and encouraging! love it here at lakeside 🙂

Corey P.

Great space, great team! As someone who has never been able to stick to a gym routine, I’ve been 2-3 times a week here for 8 months and look forward to it every time. Results are significant and I will not be slowing down anytime soon. Turns out it was the mobs of people, waits for equipment, and high pressure staff that had been keeping me away from the goodlife’s and equivalents. None of that here! Just wish I knew about this place sooner.

Berkeley J.

Lakeside Personal Training Studio is an amazing facility that offers a great atmosphere and excellent services.