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Work can sometimes be very stressful and tedious and that eventually reflects in your productivity and later on in your personal life. Turn your entire workforce into an efficient and productive powerhouse by simply instilling an effective wellness program for them. At Lakeside Personal Training Studio in Whitby, we help clients do just that. Our certified and trained fitness team in corporate wellness programs will customize and create wellness programs suited to the diverse needs of your valued employees and their health. We have worked and delivered corporate wellness programs with elite companies in Whitby, Southern Ontario East of Ajax, and surrounding areas. In consultation with you, we create the best corporate wellness programs to jump start your workforce, making them very efficient and productive.

Relax you’re in great hands!

Your group will have 24/7 access to over 3000 Sq/Ft of state of the art personal training space here in Whitby, 1 &2 Person Training, Custom Corporate Classes, our Active Physiotherapy program and much more all here in Whitby!

Our certified and trained team in corporate wellness programs in Whitby will design a custom package specific to your organization’s health and wellness goals. A program tailored and focussed on team building, addressing employee stress, mental focus and concentration while improving overall quality of life, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism & employee turnover and get an optimal return on your investment. A happy, healthy and motivated staff so you can propel your business to great heights.

What’s next? Simply contact us to book a complimentary Stress Management & Corporate Wellness consultation in Whitby today!