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Corporate Wellness

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Accountability is Everything!


Turn your workforce into a powerhouse! With our stacked service list, Lakeside will customize a wellness program suited to the diverse needs of your valued employees. Lakeside’s team of elite fitness professionals will be with you every step of the way; Holding your group accountable, keeping them on point and pushing your staff & company ever forward!

Relax you’re in great hands!

Your group will have 24/7 access to over 3000 Sq/Ft of state of the art personal training space, 1 & 2 Person Training, Custom Corporate Classes, our Active Physiotherapy program and much more!

Our Team will design a custom package specific to your organization’s health and wellness goals. A program focused on team building, addressing employee stress, mental focus and concentration while improving overall quality of life. Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism & employee turnover and get an optimal return on your investment. A happy, healthy and motivated staff so you can kick some A$$!

What’s next? Simply contact us to book a complimentary Stress Management & Corporate Wellness consultation today!