physiotherapist in whitby

Work with a Registered Physiotherapist & the Lakeside Team to address aches, pains and injuries that are holding you back from your health and fitness goals. Lakeside’s ACTIVE Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Team will be with you every step of your journey; Holding you accountable, keeping you on point and pushing you ever forward!

Relax you’re in great hands!

Whatever your reason…Injury recovery & prevention, rehabilitation or ongoing body maintenance…we have you covered!

Our active rehabilitation service is administered through a licensed physiotherapist, which means it can be paid for with your physiotherapy benefits. We work hard to integrate the physiotherapist’s treatment plan into your health & wellness goals to ensure that we address all of your body’s underlying issues. We’ll put you in the best possible position to succeed!

What’s next? Simply contact us to book your Physiotherapy Assessment today!