Here are a few weigh loss myths debunked!

Fad diets will shrink me – If you really think you can reduce 10 pounds in 10 days then think again. Losing a huge amount of weight quickly may sound fantastic and it definitely sells. The reality however is that losing more than one or two pounds a week can be greatly detrimental to one’s health. Slowing down your metabolism (both short and long term), a reduction in that all important muscle mass, and not to mention the negative hormonal damage you can do.

A fruit and vegetable diet helps lose weight – This is a very common misconception that eating fruits and veggies in place of typical protein, carb and fat choices will lead to weight loss. In fact it will lead to more weight gain due to the sugary content in fruits. Only a balanced nutritional diet and exercise will help you really shed pounds.

Carbs and fat make you stout – A nutrition diet full of carbs and fats only, maybe yes, but a diet with carbs, fats and proteins will do no such harm. The application of complex carbohydrates throughout the day will ensure you have the necessary energy for all of the day’s challenges. Not to mention it is also imperative for proper brain function.

Supplements help you lose weight – Don’t fall for the flashy marketing gimmicks and false claims of monumental and insane weight loss. A supplement is just that. It should be incorporated into ones diet if there is a deficiency or to counter balance an increase in physical activity. There isn’t a pill or powder in the world that can complete with a good work ethic.

Starve and lose – Starving only slows down the metabolism and tricks the body into storing more of your daily macros as fat. Eating healthy choices every 2.5 – 3 hours will keep that metabolism firing and it is a much more sustainable long term solution. Give your body what it needs and it will reward you with fantastic results.

Low fat snacks to lose fast – Low or reduced fat maybe better than the full fat original version but it does not mean that the snack is healthy. It doesn’t even mean that you will lose weight because you still might be having more calories than would be recommended to loose body fat. Not to mention the additives, preservatives, sodium, sugar etc that is in 99% of any packaged or bagged food goods. Stick with whole foods!