The Benefits of Post-Surgery Physiotherapy

Sometimes, after seeking all other forms of help, the only treatment to a chronic pain or debilitating injury is surgery. Even though surgeons are skilled enough to perform procedures in a manner that leaves the patient with the least amount of pain and healing possible, sometimes a healing procedure is unavoidable.

Physiotherapy is often recommended for these situations. As musculoskeletal experts, they are the best option for help in regaining strength, flexibility, and overall function after various types of surgery/ procedures including that of the shoulders, elbows, wrist & hand, hip, knee, ankle, and spine.

Physiotherapy can be especially useful for those who have recently undergone shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand, hip, knee, ankle, and spine surgery.

Post-Surgery Physiotherapy can…

1. Promote healing: A registered physiotherapist will customize a treatment plan that is right for you.

2. Help regain mobility: Surgery often results in decreased mobility so a registered physiotherapist can help regain your mobility by assisting in guided, gentle exercise. 

3. Encourage speedy recovery: Your body will heal faster when it is put into motion by a registered physiotherapist.

4. Gives you an active role in your healing journey: You will be able to help yourself heal faster simply by performing exercises recommended by a registered physiotherapist.

Lakeside Personal Training Studio now has an in-house registered physiotherapist to help our clients. Whether you’re looking for additional healing post-surgery, have been feeling a chronic pain that you’d like addressed or just looking to stay in optimal health, our registered physiotherapist can help you!

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