The 6 Best Foods To Eat After A Workout

When it comes to weight loss, muscle gain, or just improving your physical health overall, providing your body with the nutrients and sustenance it needs is extremely important. Although it may seem counterproductive to eat after a workout, the opposite actually proves to be true.

After a workout, it is important to eat so that your body can rebuild glycogen stores and repair and grow muscle. The best foods to eat after a workout is proteins, carbs, and healthy fats as they aid in the process of decreasing muscle protein breakdown, increasing muscle protein synthesis, and enhance recovery.

Here are 6 of the best foods to eat after a workout:

Chicken Breast
Chicken breast is one of the best, and most recognized, sources of protein. As long as your chicken is prepared in a healthy manner (baked without additives or grilled), a meal with a full serving of chicken is a great way to go after a workout!

Peanut Butter
Peanut butter, or any kind of nuts or nut butter, is high in protein and just a handful/ a tablespoon is enough to get your body into a restorative mode. Try making a peanut butter and jam sandwich (replace the jam with real berries if you’re trying to avoid refined sugars or simply don’t like jam). If you aren’t into that classic snack, try eating peanut butter with apples, as they are a great source of carbohydrates!

The millennial favourite—avocados! Avocados are a great source of healthy fats that your body needs in order to repair the minuscule tears in your muscles after a workout. Love Mexican food? Try smashing avocados into guacamole or simply slicing some up on top of whole grain or 12-grain toast!

Eggs are another great source of protein, which is great for restoring muscle after a workout. Eggs are a favourite post workout meal not only because they are delicious but also because they can be prepared in several different and egg-citing ways!

Greek Yogurt
Craving something sweet after your workout? Curb your craving with a serving of Greek yogurt! This delicious treat may not look like much, but it is actually very high in protein! Mix up your serving with fruits, honey, granola, or blend it into a delicious smoothie after your workout!

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are a great source of beneficial carbohydrates, which makes it a great food to eat after a workout. The best part about sweet potatoes—other than the fact that they are delicious—is that they are hearty and satisfying, meaning that you are less likely to snack after including these in your meal!

One of the best parts about working out—other than the rush of adrenaline and endorphins—is the meal you get to eat afterwards! Try making some fun and healthy meals out of these 6 great post-workout foods next time you work out!

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