Our Team

Our team of certified fitness professionals will design a custom Lakeside Training Program suited to your health and wellness goals. We will be with you through every step of your journey, holding you accountable, keeping you on point and pushing ever forward!

Paul Thorton

Owner / Operator / Certified Personal Trainer Specialist


With a passion for sports and fitness and an absolute love of his chosen discipline, Competitive Natural Bodybuilding, Paul set forth, over 20 years ago, to help others discover that fitness is about so much more than looking awesome in a swimsuit. It’s a lifestyle! It’s safe to say that few trainers have spent more “man hours” helping others strive towards their optimal version of health and wellness. Paul directs and drives home that the tools garnered through one’s fitness journey (e.g, accountability, time management and self- discipline) could have an awesome impact in so many areas outside of a gym setting. This is a driving challenge for Paul, everyday. Lakeside’s slogan say’s it all. Accountability is Everything!

Peter Majerczyk

Manager – Active Blend Physiotherapy Program / Personal Trainer Specialist


Peter has been a certified personal trainer for 15 plus years. Over that time he has conducted thousands of training sessions with clientele of all ages and fitness levels. He has a passion for health and wellness and an in depth knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics. Peter’s clients enjoy an action packed training session, while garnering that all important fitness IQ every step of their journey.

Mandy Matthews

Personal Trainer Specialist / Custom Small Group Specialist / Physiotherapy Assistant


Mandy is a certified personal trainer specialist & group fitness instructor. With over 20 years experience Mandy has specialized primarily in one & two person training, small group training and instructed fitness classes including Tabata, bootcamps and many more! Drawing from her eclectic fitness background, Mandy’s clients have come to expect an intense hour with an attention to detail that drives results forward.

Cole Jeffrey

Personal Trainer Specialist / Physiotherapy Assistant


Cole has an extensive background within the health and wellness industry. A certified personal trainer with over 15 years of experience and a passion to help others become more vital and active inside and out of a gym setting. Whether you’re new to fitness or someone who is looking to add to your fit “tool kit”, Cole can ensure that every workout is as unique as your individual health needs.

Ryan Zupanic

Personal Trainer Specialist / Mindset & Performance Coach / Physiotherapy Assistant


Ryan’s athletic & sports background combined with his understanding of the mind/body connection has made him a welcome NEW ADDITION here at Lakeside. Ryan has a firm grasp on what it takes to perform at a high level, under stress all while recognizing that the body is only capable of what the mind will allow. Ryan and Lakeside have partnered to meld these two very important disciplines under one roof. Clients new and old are already seeing results!

Relax! You’re in great hands…Whatever your reason for beginning
this new chapter of your life we have you covered…

There is no other group of trainers assembled with more 1 & 2 Person Training experiences in Durham Region. It’s
what we do. With over 50 years of combined experience and countless hours working with clientele of all fitness levels
we are more than confident that we can assist you too!

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