Ever have day’s where you just don’t have the motivation to go to the gym? You’re not alone. After and weeks of hard work, all of the sudden, that motivation that kept you going is starting to fade. You begin thinking about the negatives; you’re not as far as you though you would be by now. You made some improvements here and there but now they don’t seem as grand. Why get up and go to the gym, only to do the same thing? Is it even working anymore?

Before you know it, your motivation is slowly trickling away with every passing thought. Sometimes, a goodnights sleep helps this. You wake up refreshed, ready to take on the world and proud of what you’ve conquered. Other times, you wake up and find yourself still at a loss of motivation to keep going on your journey. By the time work finally finishes and thoughts of the gym roll around, with motivation gone, the couch and fast food on the way home seems much more appealing.

We’ve all been there. You may be stuck wondering why you don’t feel motivated anymore. How you could have been so driven and passionate before, only to be the opposite now? After a few days, or even weeks of this feeling, you might be wondering how to possibly get it back.

Here is an idea, forget motivation. Hear me out, perhaps you need something else. Instead of enticing yourself with motivational quotes and images, try inciting yourself back to the gym with discipline.

So what’s the difference between motivation and discipline? Think of motivation as why you want to do something, and discipline as what you do in order to do it. Discipline is a very useful tool to use in the workplace as well as the gym. Eventually, it will become routine, and you’ll hardly have to think about it.

So how do you get started? Start by making a plan. This is the first step in setting yourself up for success. Look at your schedule for the week, how can you plan ahead and prepare for the week? Once you’ve figured that out, figure out the key behaviours that need to change in order to make the plan a reality. One example of this is, instead of buying lunch at a fast food joint; bring your own healthy lunch. Simply add meal preparation into your daily behaviours the day before and bam! You’ve set yourself up for success.
Finally, once you’ve found a plan that works best for your lifestyle, commit to it. Discipline takes time and repetition, you might not have the motivation to do it all the time, but take a page out of Nike’s book and “just do it”.