How A Corporate Wellness Program Can Help School Teachers

Like any other workplace, school and educational facilities rely on their employee’s productivity. Recent research has shown that introducing a corporate wellness program can generate multiple benefits for both the employees and employer. Corporate wellness programs are initiatives incorporated by employers to maintain and/or improve the employees´ health and general well being.

By providing healthy lunches and snacks, nap or relaxation rooms, fitness services, preventative health screenings and check-ups, stress management programs, etc., allows the workforce to feel better in many aspects.

Here are a few of the positive effects produced by this type of program.

Reduced health costs. By improving the overall health of employees, related health care expenditures are reduced. This can be explained due to a reduced need for employers to cover health care and long-term disability costs, providing a potentially high return on the investment made in the program.

Reduced absenteeism. Having a secure wellness program makes teachers and related personal less likely to miss work due to health reasons. This improves productivity and reduces employers´ expenses.

Increased interest in general well-being. By implementing fitness activities into the workday, employees will become more interested in feeling good and staying healthy. Students can also be included in these activities, creating a special bond with their teachers. Including incentives and prizes will increase the interest even more.

Higher satisfaction and reduced stress. The combination of fitness activities and healthy diets increases the level of satisfaction in employees due to the liberation of natural endorphins capable of reducing stress. With time, employees will create a link between work, fitness, and happiness.

For teachers, we highly recommend the Lakeside’s Active Blend program that is a blend of physiotherapy & personal training. It is an action packed one-hour session that focuses on relieving all your aches & pains while ensuring your fitness goals are met. The physiotherapy portion is covered by insurance and the personal training session is discounted making this program both affordable and effective.

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