Stretching benefits

Stretching BENEFITS After A Workout (5 Benefits)

One of the most important, yet the most overlooked, aspect of the gym is stretching. Whether you’re a gym regular or a gym newbie, it is highly recommended to stretch before and after your workouts in order to enhance flexibility and reduce muscle tension.

Here are 5 benefits of stretching after your workouts:

Increased Flexibility
Stretching leads to enhanced flexibility. By consistently stretching after your workouts, your body will eventually become more flexible due to the stretching of muscles and prevent injuries. You will also find yourself being able to perform your workouts with more ease when your muscles are flexible and relaxed.

Eliminates Soreness
When you workout, your body produces lactic acid—the element that makes your muscles feel sore after a workout. By stretching, you work and move your muscles in gentle ways that effectively reduce the tension in your muscles and the side effects of lactic acid.

Improves Blood Circulation
Having good blood circulation throughout your body is an important part in the recovery and repair of your body after a workout. Stretching will help stimulate blood circulation as well as help the body regain its normal heart rate.

Improves Range of Motion
This goes hand in hand with increased flexibility. When muscles are not stretched out, they are limited to a certain range of motion instead of their full capacity. Stretching your muscles consistently will eventually allow you to use their full range of motion.

Boost Energy
After stretching, it is common to experience higher energy levels. This connection to your body after an intense workout will allow your body to cool down and for you to take in the benefits of the after workout-glow and endorphin rush.

Taking an extra 5 or 10 minutes after your full workout routine to stretch is a good practice to add to your routine. This inconsequential amount of time will benefit your body in ways that working out alone will not achieve.

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