4 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym

Whether you’re a gym newbie or a total gym-regular, there are just some rules that should never be broken. These usually go without being said, they’re unspoken secrets respected by everyone that steps into any gym, but we’re going to discuss them now, just in case you’re not in the loop.

Don’t Affront Your Trainer (or Any Trainer)

Don’t like what your trainer is making you do? Don’t think their technique is effective? Have differing opinions? That’s great! Thinking differently than others and communicating those opinions and thoughts in a reasonable and respectful manner is great because it means that everyone can learn, understand, and grow together. If you don’t like certain things about your trainer’s methods, ask questions and bring up your concerns respectfully instead of affronting them just because they’re different than you.

Don’t Over Do It

You may think that you’re invincible, but the truth is, we all break down if we’re put under too much pressure. The same idea applies to gym settings. Don’t push yourself overboard by working out too hard and too long, multiple times a day. Understand that moderation and respecting your limits is the best way to grow.

Don’t Speed-Lift

Just like “not over doing it”, you should also avoid “doing it too fast”. Don’t put extra strain on your body and potentially damage/ injure something just because you want to finish your workout quickly or prove that you can do something very quickly. When it comes to working out, the form and speed you take is critical to getting the best results. Slow down!

Don’t Be Dirty

This one should be very, very obvious but nobody likes a messy, nasty, dirty locker mate. Pay attention to your personal hygiene and your surroundings. That means, showering if you need to, wiping sweat off the machines you use, and leave the change room and washroom in usable condition for the next person.

Knowing what to avoid doing is just as important as knowing what to do. Simply follow these 4 rules and you’re sure to do great during every gym session.

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