3 Things That You Can Solve With Physiotherapy

When you think of “physiotherapy”, you may envision treatment for the elderly, people who have suffered from an accident like a car crash, or even professional athletes. Although all of these people are candidates that often opt to receive physiotherapy treatment, physiotherapy is also offered in more simple ways to people in order to optimize their health. If you suffer from any of the 3 following things, you may benefit from simple physiotherapy treatments:

Imbalance/ Loss of Balance
Imbalance/ loss of balance usually has to do with issues/ damage done to the inner ear (the vestibular system associated with your body’s balance management). Loss of balance can also be linked to other symptoms including dizziness, vertigo, and balance disturbance, which can get in the way of your everyday lifestyle. Physiotherapy can target the inner ear in order to overcome these symptoms. After assessment and a series of prescribed head, neck, and eye exercises, this physiotherapy treatment can help you get back to your normal self.

As you age, even if you work out and stretch consistently, you may notice that you are unable to move as easily as you once did. Flexibility and even simple, general movements may now become a problem for you. Physiotherapists can help you strengthen and support the tissues around your muscles to help increase your flexibility and mobility once more. Partnering/ supplementing this kind of treatment with your regular gym routines can truly improve your overall fitness and flexibility goals. Talk to your physiotherapist and personal trainer at Lakeside Personal Training Studio about Active Blend program.

Chronic Pain
Nobody wants to be in pain all day, especially when this pain isn’t related to a sustained injury but rather a chronic pain associated with pressure points in the body. If you feel pain such as lower back and neck pain, physiotherapy can be a great service for you. By targeting your pressure points and working you through the right exercises in a rehabilitation program, you will find yourself relieved from your chronic pain.

At Lakeside, we offer a Rehabilitative Exercise Program which is a unique blended service of registered physiotherapy and personal training. It is ideal for both, people recovering from an injury and those trying to optimize their overall health and always feel their best. To learn more about this service, click here. Our in-house Registered Physiotherapist and Personal Trainers can help you. Email us today at or call us at 905.668.3252 to book an appointment.